Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • ramus
    07-04 09:57 AM
    Guys... Please help Mecaca.. Please scan all 100 pages of breaking news thread and summarize issues.. Please be very specfic and up to the point..
    Should be short.

    I meant a scan of the other 100 page thread Breaking news. I did not follow that thread and it has lot of issues. Please summarize issues mentioned in Breaking News thread here.

    I will add issues from this thread! thanks

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  • eastindia
    07-21 11:13 AM
    My desi neighbor told me about it recently. What are your experience with Amway Quickstar. Have you guys made money from it?

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  • breddy2000
    09-04 01:44 PM
    Breddy2000 and dealsnet,

    I hope you guys don’t owe anything to YSR!.

    If you love YSR, that’s your business. As much as you love, facts are facts and YSR being CM for 5 years is the biggest loss to AP and people of AP.

    Also, it’s a curse that India and Indians are paying to have had congress rule India for 60 years.

    "_TrueFacts". You are entitled to your opinion and I'm entitled to mine.

    The fact of the matter is you are misusing your IV ADMIN Previledges to prove your point....
    And I must say I have lost all faith in you being a Senior Member of IV.

    I don't damn care about what you think....It's more about your behaviour that astonished me....You have been reported to "Admin".
    If they do not care much about it and losing you is a loss to IV, then be it.....But facts remain that you have compromised on someone's identity in public forum with your previledges.
    And I very well know that your other handle is "CHANDUV23". I don't care if I'm banned from IV.

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  • panini
    05-18 07:54 AM
    The state television of Sri Lanka has confirmed that Prabhakaran has been shot dead while trying to flee the war zone.

    And the whole island has been liberated from the LTTE terrorism.

    Here is my salute to the brave and heroic Sri Lankan armed forces, our president and the secratery of defence and to my fellow Sri Lankan brothers and sisters!!!! This is it boys!!!! We did it !!!!


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  • samay
    07-15 05:36 PM
    I have a general question on an option in case of I-485 denial. I know that if underlying I-140 gets denied, I-485 is also denied. My question : is the vice versa true. ? If I-485 gets denied, will I-140 also gets denied.?

    If I-485 is denied (AC21 issue for example), can an applicant choose Consular processing on existing I-140, assuming that it is not revoked? Just like if COS is not granted, applicant leaves country and goes to consulate for stamping ?

    I do not know the specific facts of your case but the denial of I-485 can be appealed successfully. Therefore if your I-485 gets denied your underlying I-140 does not get denied.

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  • soljabhai
    12-14 09:28 AM
    It is not the case that a law cannot be challenged. All the authority of the various government branches (legislative, judicial and executive) is derived from the powers created in the constitution. So even if congress creates a law and president signs it, it can still be challenged if it is found to be contradicting with the constitution from which the government branches derive their authority.

    If that was not the case then "Separate would still have been equal" and we would have still been living in a divided society with whites having different schools, hotels and theaters than everyone else. The Supreme Court ruled that "Separate cannot be equal" and all the laws for separating the different ethnicities immediately became unconstitutional and hence invalid.

    The question is not that whether any law can be challenged but whether this rule regarding per country ceilings can be. Only a constitutional expert can answer that question.


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  • mbawa2574
    02-15 04:03 PM
    u r missing my point..
    Again you are saying it's a SKILL cap. We can agree business may hire whoever they please but don't pretend that they only hire based on SKILL..
    when someone says let business hire the "best and brightest", that's my problem, he implies the best and brightest are concentrated in only two countries so that's what's insane, that's why he won't be taken seriously.

    Who is preventing people of ROW for applying H1b or Green card EB ? Employers look for availability of talent not for country of origin and anyone who competes in the global market wins. If ROW countries have less people with marketable skills or less people who want to work outside their countries,it is not the problem of Chinese or Indians. There is no logic with Employers being forced to wait for visa numbers to comply with diversity. There should be a FIFO system without any country of birth barriers. USCIS wastes more annual visa numbers due to these country caps. Lets make these guys fine tune this immigration system which is actually against the free market capitalist principles of this country.

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  • kanakabyraju
    09-04 08:13 PM
    We are called dogs, because we discuss things, then what are we called if we don't and accept things in India as they are.



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    09-29 11:52 AM
    I also have to land before 03/2007.

    New 3 years extension is valid till 10/2009. Visa Expired. I am from Pakistan. Where u from?

    I got my Canadian PR and I have to land before 3/12/2007. My H1 B VISA STAMP expired on
    8/30/2006. I got approval from another three years from USCIS but I need to go for visa stamping. I don`t want to go for US Visa stamping coz last time it took my one month for all background checks. I am avoiding for US Visa Stamping but I want to land in Canada in order to secure my Canadian PR.So any I use automatic revalidation provision of 22 CFR � 41.112(d) and come back with valid I-94 and without H1 B visa stamp from US consulate

    Any one can help or guide me what is safe to do ?


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  • abhijitp
    07-04 02:04 AM
    Surprisingly, no mention there.
    BTW here is their "general info" email address


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  • aps
    09-23 02:26 AM
    Most of us are waiting in line for years by sacrificing their career growth and earnings with the so called consulting companies. what for? To get a green card by buying a home here? Is it sensible? common. Bring some common solution to everybody, not for few. If you want to leave some IV members behind, then you may continue with this idea. your proposal DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE to me.

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  • syzygy
    07-12 04:57 PM
    And also add the amount we are paying on regular basis to law firms to talking to their para legals, mental stress and percentage what contracting companies with hold along with amount we are losing because we are not in stable situation to invest in things like real estate.

    I always has that question what is the real difference, hear people sayinig more taxes less salary and all that but don't know the actual difference yet.
    Will appreciate if someone can shed more light or post a link.


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  • FinalGC
    07-22 02:14 PM
    My experience with amway - Very close friend of mine joined amway once he came to US, and within a few weeks, tried it on me. And at the end, he branded me as closed minded person when I said no many times. Forgot the 4 year friendship and never called me for the past 7 years. Oh well, my wife keeps telling me, those who don't understand us cannot be good friends. And after seven years, I agree...


    I had a similar experience. One of my closest friends helped me come to US. We both were in school doing our MBA and there we both attended this new intriguing seminar to do business. Amazingly I stopped and he went on with it, unfortunately all I can say is I lost my good friend to Amway.

    He asked me why i was not interested, i said the complete motive of this business is to make money and nothing else, which I have a difficulty in doing. Yes, I want to work to make money and take joy in my work , but not just work for money....

    He became angry with me, after that and ever since never connected back. Recently he connected with me on Facebook, but that too looked like a cold contact......Yes it is true you loose friends through Amway.

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  • vin13
    09-15 12:52 PM
    For FY2010 there are very less GC applications filed by ROW & EB1 due to bad economy. If USCIS waits till last quarter then they wont have much visa usage during previous quarters. So it makes sense for USCIS to allocate spill over numbers on a per quarter basis. We never know how it works

    I agree that it makes sense for USCIS to allocate spill over numbers on a quarterly basis.

    But i doubt if they are allocating spillover quarterly. If they did, then we should have seen steady movements and not a rapid movement of dates in the last quarter.

    We should certainly get a clarrification from USCIS about this. This could be a potential administrative change without congress intervention.


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  • _TrueFacts
    09-03 11:53 PM
    With your utmost stupidity!!!!!

    Anyway thanks for the Humor from your stupidity...

    If you had a laugh on my post good for you. Should have given you some relief from YSR's death. I have been laughing, smiling and eating sweets since I knew the news.

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  • stemcell
    06-01 02:28 PM
    The only solution , to all our problems, is a LAWSUIT.
    The earlier some one has the balls to do it , the better it is.

    what lawsuit :confused:
    whom are we going to sue? USCIS for following what the congress has laid out....
    i guess what you mean maybe is sue the congress.....:D


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  • ita
    04-15 04:01 PM
    All those guys advocating war post Mumbai attacks,all those folks who thought most of the responsibility of the attacks was of the forces outside India, did you guys do what you can in talking to your folks asking them to go out vote and vote to the right candidate?

    A.P is going to vote tomorrow.

    As I was talking to some folks I found out this interesting information.

    Apparently some time back around koti area in Hyd local Hindu temple were erased under the pretext of road widening project without issuing advance notice.

    May be ..may be, if it is road widening then anything... be it temple or any other religious/non religious place have to erased but not may be without advance notice and not just religious places belonging to one particular religion.None of the other religious places were even touched though they happen to be in the area. Coincidence or not A.P CM is non Hindu.

    Aparently most of the LTTE forces were erased in Srilanka by Indian forces sent there on the orders of Defense Minister Antony.Looks like fate of Prabhakaran depends on what is beneficial tradeoff to some forces.

    These incidents alone may or may not matter much but forces behind these incidents which are very much internal elements of the country do matter for long term peace and prosperity of the country.

    Also NDTV (like it was said during the Kargil war) was reporting the location of the army on TV which helped the terrorists leading to the death of many Indian soldiers apparently did it again during Mumbai attacks.Burkha Dutt got Padmashri for her acts.You decide if you want to celebrate her victory.

    Watch out and analyse the news reported by:
    NDTV,CNN-IBN(belongs to Macaulian Indian Rajdeep SarDesai),Times Now,Hindustan Times,Indian Express(shekhar Gupta),Hindu.
    Don't know what is the truth but apparently it is popularly believed in India that Arab and church money flows into these media houses.

    Disclaimer:All the facts on this post are not my personal views but have been raised by politicians,journalists,officials which I found them on the internet while surfing.

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  • digmetalq
    08-17 02:55 AM
    It all makes sense now:

    Questioning a Bollywood V.I.P. Named Khan - The Lede Blog - (

    " Mr. Khan is also working on a new film, �My Name Is Khan,� about racial profiling of Indian Muslims living in the United States after the Sept. 11 attacks."

    What a way to get the publicity for the film.

    We are all tricked into this debate.
    This is my last post on this thread. And I am not going to watch this film.

    It maybe fun for all the people in this forum to read and debate, it maybe a spoof that srk was mistreated at the entry point. but it is not spoof for all my friends with muslim names. I have travelled with them, and I know the reality.

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  • hopefulgc
    02-13 07:39 PM
    this is an out of the box thinking .. deserves consideration.

    Why should we give big bucks to big names? Instead we can pay 50% to 75% of that to a bunch of fresh law school grads from Harvard or some other top law school and see what they can do?
    This way we would help young talent and also give them a platform to get their name in the front and at the same time we are not under cutting on their fees. Saving money but cutting unnecessary cost is the name of the game.

    Any thoughs or counter arguments?

    09-23 08:46 AM
    As completely unrelated these two issues are (from a law maker's perspective) on a normal day, these are possibly those times when each of these issues can help the other.


    Nixstor: I know how responsible person you are. You must have given lot of thought to this. Even if 20-30% people buy house, that reduces the no of applicants waiting for GC which will make it faster for the people that do not want to buy now for various reasons.

    I fully support this idea. Thanks for bringing such good and justified proposal.

    03-28 12:47 AM
    remove Atalaji...add Bahenji.

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