Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • IWannaBeHowdy
    09-11 02:01 PM
    Hello everyone,

    Few weeks ago I had filed my wife's H-4 through my H1B. We have already received the receipt for her H4 filing. The H4 has not been approved or for that matter denied. She got a new job and she needs to start in few days. She intends to use the EAD that she got from our I-485 filing. She had never used her EAD before.

    The questions I have is -
    Do I have to do anything to notify the USCIS or let it be?
    What will be implication on her H4 petition, will that be denied because she used her EAD?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance

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  • STAmisha
    11-02 08:47 AM
    Please let me know if 140 processing times is based on receipt date or notice date?

    I'm a concurrent 140-485 filer, filed on July 2 2007. My notice date on I-140 says August 16, 2007, where as my friend who filed only140 on july 2 has Notice date of july 12. Does that mean his will be processed first?

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  • godbless
    08-05 06:17 PM
    While most of the folks are busy working on I485, EAD, AP stuff, does anyone has any information about the h1b filing that would begin in April 2008. Is there any policy program, the govt. is coming out with to let the chaos of April 2007 not happen again?

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  • albnfsjia
    10-04 11:37 AM

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  • kondur_007
    04-17 10:22 AM
    Hello Attorneys,

    My company recently moved offices to a new location just a few miles from the old location. Its in an adjacent county but with in the same state. We moved from Northbrook, IL to Deerfield IL, does this warrant a change in LCA/H1B?

    Please advise.


    Most attorneys have historically advised to file ammendment to LCA in case of address change like this. Provided that job conditions same, (which is likely in your case as it is just a few miles away) ammendment should be easy.

    Good Luck.

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  • GC_Applicant
    07-15 04:09 AM
    Great job people.

    Found this link from

    Lets make our voice heard.


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  • samrat_bhargava_vihari
    06-14 03:58 PM
    Now that the I-485 gates have been opened, I would like to know what will happen to my spouse's H1B application pending before USCIS? Since I am planning on filing for I-485 for my spouse as well, will the H1B process make a difference? Or will the H1B approval cause any issues to the I-485 application?

    Please help!

    I don't think so. One of my friend is in same situation. I feel 485 is filed after H1b so every thing is fine. But on which boat they need to travel is the question? you can't use H1 if you use EAD?

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  • WaitingUnlimited
    05-11 12:33 AM
    Cut Off Dates- Consulate General of the United States Mumbai, India (

    EB2 Current
    EB3 22 June 2003


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  • rajeshiv
    06-21 03:16 PM

    The doctor I went for Medical exam, he is not placing the 693 and supplement to 693 in the sealed cover. He is using his own form that I filled when I first went there and placing that form in the sealed cover.

    Please suggest will INS accept any form other then 693?

    I want to make sure what are the forms that need to be in sealed cover before I argue with the doctor.

    I appreciate for your inputs.

    Sorry to start a new thread.


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  • barktasobebark15
    05-11 02:32 AM
    I agree with the other two answers. Spouse must be able to make more than S20,000 per year.


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  • GreenMe
    06-14 01:59 PM

    I work for a very small company. Only 2 employees in the company - Me and my employer. We both do IT consulting.

    The annual income of my company is less than $160K but this year it could reach upto $300K.

    My question is - given the size of my company, if I file for Green Card, will my case stand for GC processing or probably will get rejected?

    I am new to GC, so would appreciate any helpful suggestions.


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  • senk1s
    09-27 04:04 PM
    Do you mean 1099 by anychance?

    Do you mean an I9 form -
    that is required to be maintained by the employer for all employees (even US Citizens)
    Yes on EAD you can/have to fill that D&vgnextchannel=db029c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD


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  • madooripraveen
    10-19 12:14 AM
    I am planning to port my existing priority date from EB3 to EB2. I just wanted to understand the risk I am taking. Could you people do let me know the impact on my exsting PD(EB3 with approved 140) and future 485.
    If in case my EB2-140 with PD porting doesnot go through...

    I appreciate your thoughtful comments

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  • senk1s
    10-16 06:40 PM
    Check in the Work/Travel options after 485 sub-forum:

    here is a related thread


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  • ctrl
    08-23 12:46 PM
    Requested the senator help about the case and found that the following information
    "The File is currently being transferred to Adjudications Officer".
    do you know what is the next step and how soon the Adjudication offices will take the decision?. any Idea?.

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  • jliechty
    January 21st, 2005, 08:50 AM
    We need high-res samples! :)


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  • rahul_nch
    03-02 05:37 PM
    Hi, i have filed I-140 3 months back and it is still in process. Am I able to file I-485 in parallel to the I-140 now.

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  • saimrathi
    07-03 02:50 PM tin

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  • medc
    02-09 04:53 AM
    Do they keep copies of the AOS receipt? Is there any other document which will show the receipt number?

    11-18 01:54 PM
    We have applied for the COS (H4 to F1) at California Service Center.

    If you have been in the same boat or know someone who was, please share your information here. Trying to see the approval time trends..

    Application date: October 1st
    Notice date:October 3rd
    Approval date: Still Waiting

    03-22 12:47 AM
    My Priority date is 1/9/2008. I tried to update this in my profile on IV but didn't know which field to populate. Please help.

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